ok. i just joined a band as singer/guitarist and i need a PA, but i dont know anything about a PA. so can someone explain to me what it does and what would be a good buy.
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Wow, I'm suprised no one has replied to you yet. But hey, been there, done that. So here's my suggestion.

The first couple of questions you'll need to ask your self would be..

-How much money do I have?

-How large are the venues I'll be playing at?

-How long do I intened to stay with this set up?

-What kind of music do I do often?

If you don't have a bunch of cash to spend, and you're not playing anyplace larger than a coffee house or a party outside, then I would suggest buying a bundled pack. www.musiciansfriend.com shows a wide variety of cheap bundled pack.

A bundled pack would generaly inclued a Powered Mixer, and two Passive Cabs.

Essintaly, the Powered Mixer is where you're getting the sound from, this is being sent to the two Cabs (short for Cabinets) thus giving you sound.

This setup like I said earlier, perfect for smaller venues, easily transportable, plenty loud, durable.

However. If you are playing larger venues such as gymnasiums of people or some local clubs. I'd suggest buying a Powered Cabniet and a passive mixer. The Powered Cabinet has the advantage of being MUCH louder than the passive mixer. This will although, cost you a bit more. But.. from this, you can build your PA.

Oh, and a PA stands for Power Amplifier. Basicaly a PA projects your voice.

Oh.. and buy a nice mic.. it'll make your whole rig sound better.

Hope I helped!
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Shure SM58 for the mic
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How much do you want to spend? For mixers makie is a good buy. if you want to go cheaper, a beringer will do most weekend gigs well. For cabs, you?re on the right track with peavey, those and jbl are both good.
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you will need a power amp for that setup if thats what you want. those are passive speakers (not powered) and thats just a mixer with no amp built in.

as far as brands go id recommend a set of active (powered) speakers from mackie and a mackie mixing board. peavy and jbl also make good drivers. id stay away from behringer or however you spell it though. ive never heard anything good about that brand when it comes to PAs.

what exactly do you want to run throug the PA? just voice? any drums or guitar or bass? once you start adding in anything other than your voice you are getting into a whole other league and a lot more $$$.

i have one of these that i just use with 2 mics running through it for practices and im very happy with it, especially for less than the cost of the mics i have going into it.

Let me throw in my advice. I don't like Mackie too much. Whatever you do, I'd stay away from the 1604 VLZ Pro board. Nice board, but has several issues. If I were you actually, I'd take a look and see if I could buy some used gear. the Mackie 1604 CR is an older version of the VLZ that works about as well and is solider than some houses. Mackie powered speakers....SRM450 is the only way to go for a small band. But, those run $600 apiece. I'd go with a passive rig if I were you.


Decent speaker, Peavey makes stuff that tends to last. You might want some monitors though. You'll also eventually want some speaker stands, most gigs will make them nice to have. Expect to pay $100 for a decent set of those.

Here is a good mixer. Behringer is cheap but decent quality. You'll want a case for this though, if it moves at all, buy a case for it!!!!! All those knobs? Well, if you try to sel lsomething with a broken knob, it'll easily be worth $100 less, even if it's pristine and brand new. A case can be had for $100. not a rack! Buy this:

This amp should work well.

Buy a few mics, Samson are decent mics at a decent price. Shure SM58 is a good all around mic, but the grille will dent when you sneeze. The SM 57 will hold up better and look better too. Buy a few mic stands. buy a few cables. buy long speaker cables!

That might work for your mixer, you'd hvae to go to gator cases.com or something and look at dimensions to see if it will fit. You just want something to keep those knobs from breaking off!


a two space rack should hold your amp well.