is it possible to put a killswitch on a strat stlye guitar that has three single pickups and a 5 way selector. i know that i would have to get a 3 way and attach that somehow but whatever
you can use a on/off switch which could be picked up at any radioshack store. and yes its possible just gotta replace your tone knob with it or drill a new hole in the pickguard for it
^Best way to do it. Jesus Christ, we need to have an "ONLY Killswitch Thread". I think I'll PM a mod about it later.
Well here is a more hardcore method:

Find a pickup position that you are sure thatyou will never use (e.g. middle pickups)

**** that pickup up (e.g., desolder, reverse polarity, lick it etc etc)

now the pickup won't work and whenever you toggle the switch to that position, it will act like a killswitch.