okay so i like jagstangs and then i saw a jazzmaster and today i saw a toronado and to ME they are all the same bodies so can you tell me what the difference is
please im confused and please be detailled. thanks bye.
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The pickups, and probably the tuners and bridges.
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well sorry buit im nto to detailed abotu this stuff so i failed that request for you, but the sounds they make are probably different......
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the pickups and sound is different, the jagmaster/jazzmaster is a jaguar body, the cyclone/tornado is a mustang body, while the Jagstang is a mix of a mustang and jaguar. (the left half being jaguar and the right half being mustang.) also the jagstang has a different rounded cut at the bottome of the guitar that no other style body has.
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they all have slight variations in them
the body of a toronado is rounder than a jazzmaster etc...

look at fender's site

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the body of the Jazzmaster and the Jaguar are the same. The Jaguar has different pickups, more control switches, a shorter scale, and a different bridge (but the trem system is the same.) The Tornado is a completely different body, electronics, and bridge.
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The Jazzmaster was the original it has a warm sound and a "dynamic" vibrato (it bends easier)

The Jaguar is a Jazzmaster that has more biting pups, and a shorter scale.

the Duosonic/ mustang/ other variations add an updated trem, and pups. thinner somewhat reshaped body smaller scale.

the jagstang is a blend of a Mustang and a Jaguar. (Kurt Cobain created this) it has a reshaped body, and a humbucker in the bridge. it has the mustang vibrato, and the jaguar/ jazzmaster scale/ basc body shape.

The tornado is completely different from any of the others except a slightly similar shape.

the cyclone is a modern Mustang with different combos of pups and a strat bridge.
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