Yeah today i tried one on an amp, turned the volume al the way up and drive all the way down, it didnt make a snigle difference!! was i doing something wrong?
I'm my DS1 I was told to put the tone up all the way, volume at half, and distortion at 7 of 10.

the tone must be higher than the distortion...

I was also told to kill the tone on the guitar.

from there is just some EQing on the mixer to get that good distortion sound.
Try raising the gain a tad. I raise my level to max and then put the gain on probably 2/10. It gives my amp that extra little crunch.
Gain down, level up, tone wherever, you'll def. hear a difference.
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you're trying it with the jcm900? is that an slx model (the one with the extra preamp tube gain stage, not diode clipping?)? if not, that might be the problem.

Oh, and don't set the drive to 0- maybe about 1...
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