Stick to your deadline
For more of the same
Cos every single breath is a move in the game

You can heat up your insides
Or have her for free
And you?ll die just trying to be half of me

When the fire is empty
You?ll come running again
Pathetic and dying like a match in the rain

I know all the rules but
They just get in our way
So pretend you can?t see, and I know what you?ll say?

?I?m blind!, I?m blind!?
Well I?m fine?
I?m Argentine

Its so kind,
To remind?
I?m Argentine

If selection was easy
I?d be out of the game
But the breadth and the depth are much of the same

And the anger is glowing,
In the back of your eyes
Your watching so closely for the one you despise

My tactics are open
And the keys in the door
Fed and deprived till your begging for more

I?m the dust in your water
The fault in your lies
The tired dry itch that you get in your eyes?

When you?re blind...so blind
And I?m fine?
Cos I?m Argentine

There?s no need
To remind
I?m Argentine

So the lessons are learned?
But the money is spent
On things to stop the boys from thinking you?re bent

And it just isn?t working
And I don?t think it will
It?s just a little cut from the love that we spill

When our hearts can explode
And leave us in shreds
Keeping us nailed to the back of our beds

So pretend that it?s over
And I?ll see you again
And we?ll walk a little further in the rain, in the rain
umm...jeez yea you're argentine. What type of music were you thinking of putting with it???
I think it kind of changes from really dark at the start to kind of like you're remembering something at the end...OK, but you need to build on it.
Quote by guitar_man_guy
Funniest story ever.

So Im in my room with my girlfriend, and Im getting a blow job (It's like 11 at night, thought everyone was asleep) and my brother opens the door while saying "Duuude you wont believe what I just caught Mom and Dad doing!"
haha im not argentine..argentine is slang for cocaine
the whole song is personification; its the addiciton speaking