alright well i've got a jackson jrr-94 and im gonna put a seymour duncan invader in it...but before i do...will it suit me? i play in a death metal band and we tune down a full step...so im looking for good crunch...but i odnt want it all ot be muddy...is the invader the way to go?
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The Seymour Duncan SH-8 Invader Pickup is not only very loud, but a very noisy pickup. It also picks up background noises - hey if you can incorporate this noise into your music go for it. I witnessed some loss on the high note side also. I do not own it, but a fellow guitarist has a noise gate to quiet the unwanted noises that he couldn't or didn't want to incorporate into his music. We will not use it for recording, too noisy.
If you like Punk, you might like it. If you go to the Seymour Duncan site you should be able to hear a sample, but take my word on it, its loud, not muddy, but NOISY.
if you want cermaic humbuckers try a Gibson 496R/500T combo they dont generate a lot of noise and have more high end and gennerally sound better than Invaders while still giving off a loud dirty signal.
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^Still they don't sond to good.

Id sya get a BKP Warpig (for dark sounds) or Nailbomb

Or a Swineshead Xbucker (dark sounds) or a Venom (brigth sonds).
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nailbomb! might be kinda expensive tho. hey gabel, which pup in the bkp do you think is comparable to an x bucker or a warthog? ive never heard any swinesheads, but id like to know how they are (theyre cheaper thats for sure).