Alright. So, I'm really stupid apparently. I bought a guitar for $50 from a friend, and apparently it works but he hasn't played it for like 3 years. Other people said it was decent in its hey-day.

I didn't notice this while I was buying it....but when I tip it over, the pickups literally fall out against the strings. (That sounds really funny, I know, it is... I'm laughing too... ) I'm assuming they're not supposed to do that...lol...

Other than that, it works great. Plays fine. Pickups work (but "loose" lol). It's an older Samick Malibu, really beginners guitar.

It's like the screws that are supposed to tighten the pickups down just raise them? Hahaha. If anyone has any suggestions and/or explanation it'd be appreciated. I hope someone gets a good laugh out of my idiotic problem, too.

PS I'd be way too embarrassed to ask my friend that I bought it from. He wouldn't know, anyway.
If the screws that are supposed to tighten them only make them loose, try turning them the other way.
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theres supposed to be springs, around the screws that adjust the hight of the pickup so that it keeps the pickups from doing just that
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^^^ Yep. See if you can get a set of springs from your local guitar store for a the pickup. Then you install them between the back of the pickguard or the pickup frame and the piece where the screw screws into the pickup.
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might wanna ask the ppl at gear building/customising, they know what their talking about (no offence to anyone who posted here)
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Wow this forum is amazing! Thanks to all.

Demiphoenix: Hehehe...

Ledhead82048: Yeah. I know. Disobeyed one of the Guitar-Buying Commandments on the sticky. Hehe. I sorta played it. But it was missing a patch cord/amp power cord so it was more like, hey, it's all in one piece and for $50 can't go wrong.

benEboy/Dirks: Ahhhh, thanks!

seek&destroy: if I still have problems w/ springs, I'll definitely try that.

Thanks again!