How many people here actually listen to them and like them? Alot of people here complain about them. I think their original and a good band. Ill be buying their new album on tuesday. what do you guys think of them? (Please dont diss them because of the smooth criminal cover)
Very good band. I like the Smooth Criminal cover too. Need to get their albums. Courage, Calico, Attitude; great songs.
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'Death Day' is an awesome song. Great band, I love playing their tunes. Killer first album.
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yeah i heard some new songs off their new album coming out tuesday. u can listen to them at alienantfarm.com and click media. listen to forgive and forget. great stuff.
I have ANThology, and it's decent. Not one of my favorites, but it's good.
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we're not nerds thank you very much i have a very respectable 40k imperial guard army.