I was just wondering what Stevie ray vaughans setup was for his song "Love me darlin" from his "In Step" album. Its also called "May i have a talk with you?" most of the time, which i think it should have been labelled as on the album in the first place.

I love the sound he has for this song because it sounds unusually distorted compared to most of his other works

So, can anybody help me out with this one?
i know he has his custom strat, a marshall, and a ibanez tube screamer
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i know he has his custom strat, a marshall, and a ibanez tube screamer

first of all, back then it wasnt his custom strat. it was only made custom after he died. he also used fender amps instead of marshalls. and really thick strings, and a vox wah. but you got the tubescreamer right.
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it was actually 2 tubescreamers also he did use fender amps but he did use Marshalls also and dumbles.
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these are the string gauges he used. pretty damn thick!

0.013, 0.015, 0.019, 0.028, 0.038, 0.058

i even read that he even used string gauge 0.018 to 0.074 ...i can already feel tha skin peelin off my fingers
^He said it in a Guitar Player magazne (the 99 tips to play better now)

Actully his finger tops bassicly fell off and then he'd super glue them back
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