that was cool.. but also kinda weird. haha i agree with fluffylump2 on maybe taking the end and making a whole new song out of it, that, IMO would be much better sounding. but still nice stuff man.

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pretty catchy. i liked how the intro slowly went into the song and then the drums kicked in. good balance. did u play all the instruments on it? if so its a mixing master piece lol you should totally put up a tab for this on the website i bet it wud get a load of hits lol love the wierd funk part at the end, you should make it a full song.

crit mine plz https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=395593
Much better than the last one. Cleaner... crisper, The break was a nice touch.

WTF? The ending is way too out there. I can understand expirmenting, but it just didn't go with the rest of the song for me.

IDK... maybe returning to the break with a 8 to 10 second fade out.... or a building drum ending with a single ringing chord ending it???

Its not my song, but I would consider changing the ending if it were mine.
yeah i really didn't know how to end it lol
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