I really can't do it. Well, i've tried and failed horribly. i'm pretty good at shreding from putting hours upon hours practicing and improving till doomsday...but i still haven't learned sweep picking. i recently watched dragonforce's new music video and the middle of the song is just them two ****ing dueling like mad. it's insanee. the singer is the worst metal singer i've ever heard, but those guitarists....goddam! lol. Anyway, this reinstilled my motivation to learn sweeping. I went to the asian-dude-from-D-force's quick article on sweeping and it still didn't really help all that much. I can do it going down (the strings) pretty much, but not up.

I just wanna know what YOU know about sweep picking and any tips that were icebreaking for anyone else. Hope some of you can help, but thanks, either way.

i think it's just the way my fingers work. i'm sure someone else could have the opposite problem (going down is hard). when i solo, i tend to wanna descend the scale all the time rather than climb. and when i do climb, shredding, it's a one in five chance of sounding blurred and kinda crappy. so myabe it's just me. but no really, i'm lost as to sweeping. guess i'll just try using a mop.
That is a good video that Mattefuller posted.. It just helped me too
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it took you 15 consecutive hours of practice to realize that playing guitar makes you better at playing guitar. congratulations.

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you really need to sit down with a metronome, and look at each hand individually when you are playing...

your right hand should be makin smooth, "sweeping" motions over the strings, and you left hand should be focussing on releasing each of the notes once you have played them so that they dont ring and bleed into each other...

and that vid by marc seal helped me a lot