Its about some1 who died without knowing Christ. Basic chords are: Em C G D


B[------------------------------------------------------------3----------------]--------Repeat once

Verse 1:

There is sin

upon this world

That you used in your life

as a cry for help

Why, oh why did you deny

the power of the Lord our God

the one who made you life (after 2nd verse goes to chorus. Go to Bridge.)

Verse 2:

You sined once

you sined again

to show you needed love (Back to Chorus)


It's to late

you gave to the Devil's word

This is a song that I want my band to play. Plz coment.
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Okay, I'm giving you some good advice for these forums...

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C) Ultimate-Guitar is mostly made up of Atheists and Agnostics
D) Delete this and Repost it with the correct title and only the lyrics, none of the chords or tabs... post those in Riff's and Recordings, Tabs and Chords section if you like...
Dude, I like your song. Being a Christian and all, it does make me sad to read this, but it's so true for so many people. Keep going with your songs regardless of what anyone says.