Is traveling with an acoustic guitar easy? And when I say travel, I mean airplane or long road trip.

Especially for plane, do you send it ahead? Check it with luggage? Take it with you on the plane?

I'm curious, last time, I left it at home and missed it terribly.
Road trips are very easy to travel with a guitar, as long as you have enough room to store it.
If it is a nice guitar you will need to invest in a good solid case. Road trips are bad because of the heat and planes are bad because of the handling and the extreme cold. A flight case is the best way to go with a humidifier inside.
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just take it with you on the plane

its too big
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if you're a gambling man, check it in as baggage on the plane. in most cases, you're guitar will be fine so long as it's in a decent hardshell case. if you do alot of traveling, you might also want to look into buying a smaller guitar. seagull, taylor, martin, and breedlove all make "baby" guitars. i'm sure other brands do as well, those are the 4 that i've seen though. the baby taylor is a really fantastic sounding guitar as is the breedlove. the breedlove passport also comes equipped with a pickup and eq as well... which may not be all that useful really... but it's pretty damn cool.