so here's my question how important is it for you personally to be respected by other guitar players, meaning they like your style ..or if you in a band that does nothing but power chords no solos or nothing but have fun with it.....i would like to think im a pretty good player but i was wondering how important is it for you to hear another player say it?
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Not really for me, I try not to compare myself with others or care too much about what others think of my progress because everyone progresses at different speeds.
well...i enjoy hearing that im good from guitarists who havent quite made it to my level...its just good inspiration..but other than that..i dont really care
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I think everyone would like to be respected for what you do, but it shouldn't be the reason you do something. You should play guitar and write music for you, not because you want other guitarists to respect you. That having been said, I don't really care whether other guitarists respect me or like my style. If they don't like the way I play, that's their problem, not mine.
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not to be different, but i care! if someone else goes "wow that's pretty good" and that someone else knows what they're talking about, awesome. maybe cuz i still suck at guitar. so yea, right now, i guess it's mostly about whether i have the ability to play something or not...haven't tried writing whole songs yet so i can't say much about personal style, right?
I don't think it really matters, but it gets frustrating when all the maisntream listeners skip over great music (not only good guitar) and like all of the easy power chord songs that the majority of 'good' players could make easily.
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I respect any musician I play with, and if I don't get that respect in return I won't play with them again. Beyond people I play with, it's not really important if a guitarist doesn't respect me.

I pay attention to constructive ciriticism though - and by that I don't mean a politically correct comment that takes pains to not offend me. If a guy knows his stuff, and gives me advice that should be taken, I welcome it.
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i like to hear it from guitarists that i personally admire, but more so, i love to hear crappy guitarists tell me i SUCK or that im awful, i totally THRIVE off of that, i love it when someone hates me cuz i'm good, that makes my day!!!! it happens all the time whe i go to guitar center sometimes its the only reason i go!
The other guitarist in my band is better than me at some things, like improvising solos and stuff, but I'm much more creative and can write better songs. We both respect eachother for those things. And we can both understand music talk so it's all good.

So yeah I think it's important to be respected. If my friend decided he'd play all the solos, leave me to chording, and take complete creative control... well I wouldn't wanna be in my band. But that would never happen because we respect eachother. But we don't respect our bassist that loser.
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you know any one that picks up a guitar is a fellow guitarist to me and i would like to think we are all friends. I dont really care if my nextdoor neighbor could play greenday or not but as long as you still have the ambition to learn more, then your cool in my eyes
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Not really for me, I try not to compare myself with others or care too much about what others think of my progress because everyone progresses at different speeds.

Yah, you don't want to compare yourself to others because that's just leading for disapointment if you think you should measure up. You don't know how many hours they spend at it, how long they've been doing and plain and simple, they might have an edge from natural talent for it.

Just go on your own speed and what works for you, that's all you can do. Get INSPIRED by other players but don't let them dictate where your skill should be.
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I respect all guitarists. And yes I would like them to respect me too as a fellow musicain and guitar player.
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Its not really that important to be respected, no. But most guitarists respects originality (i think), and even if its not possible that what i think everyone should strive for. That way we can hopefully stay away from the mainstream. Because even if thats the audience we want, i sure dont want them by feeding them mainstream songs.
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i personally respect anyone who has the guts to get on stage and show thier stuff. i may HATE the music, but i'll give them respect.

i'm disliked by lots of the musicians in my city because i'm pretty damn good(problem is there's not alot of real rock bands left in my area-mostly punk, crappy metal so there's not a ton of good players-so of course the competition is loose in this city), probably the best under the age of 28.

I know when i started i had no confidence, but as more and more people told me how awesome i was my performances got better and more confident. I think having other guitarists tell me i had talent really made me feel great and did help me quite a bit. however i'm sure even if no one told me i was good i'd keep on marching on-always trying to get better.
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Sometimes I'll see a guitarist play, and he might play through some mode so wicked I my face is gonna melt. I might not be that good, but I tell myself "One day I will be at that level eventually. I like to pick and choose what I like from different guitarists and might even incoroporate it into my style. If somone says they dig my style, then rock on! If somone tells me I suck, I know I don't, and I won't let that ever get me down.
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