I havent played guitar for about 2 days, and i noticed i lost some speed, is this normal? will i get the speed back if i practice for like 30 mins?
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Cmstar90: i have too lisen to a song for hours just to figure out of one part it sound and how to move my fingers tso that it sounds that way
Cmstar90: when u seem to figure it out in seconds
Eh, some people pick up and go at it right away, others need some warmup, it happens.
Just play your guitar and practice for a while, you'll speed up again.
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That happened to me once.

I hadn't played in a while, and when I did, I was bit rusty.

I got my bearings back shortly though.
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Eh, some people pick up and go at it right away, others need some warmup, it happens.


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Thanks to everyone else
when i got a bit more creativity and focused on writing my stuff, i realized i lost some of my speed. i realize thats not the case here, but i figured id share that.
it happens to me sometimes and sometimes it doesnt but usually yah a good 30 so minutes of finger exercises and warmups will get you back into speedy mode.
Youve probably heard this about 2 million times, but practicing with a metronome really works!
Set it low, say 112 or so (you'll be playing 16th notes here... "[click]-e-&-a-[click]-e-&-a")

Slowly bring it up as you get comfortable with the speeds. Eventually you will get to your current "top speed" and you can shred your mind away
After about a week or so of starting at 112 every day you will start to see a HUGE improvement in your speeds. As the days go by you will find yourself being able to warm up and get "up to speed" in less time.

Moral of the story: IMO the best way to get speed and KEEP IT is to slowly work your way from slow tempo's to faster tempo's EVERY DAY!
^Basically what he said

Don't worry about it. Your just not warmed up- simple. Start out with some sloowww fluent exercises and work your way to your usual comfort level.
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Warm up first. I like to massage my hands and fingers then do some forearm stretchs. It helps with blood circulation. Most people don't do it but I find it helps. It feels better too.
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i notice after goin to the gym and workin on my arms i tend to be a lot faster (but less controlled) on guitar, and then once my arms have repaired themselves i retain the speed with the accuracy. strange seeing as my wrists are doing most of the work but still.
im sure unless you slept for 2 days staight even then highly doughtfull you lost it but sometimes when i play i think i sound horrible compared to say a day or 2 days ago, on the contrary i didnt play for like 2 days and when i picked up i was doing better then ever or so i though. it might be in the mind.
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yeah i don't think you would have had much speed if you have only been playing for 2 days

give yourself a break

and smile

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you never had it in the first place...

Indeed; it probably felt fast when you were a beginner, but now that you've heard better things, you have higher expectations of yourself, which is awesome, because you're only gonna push yourself harder to meet your higher expectations.