i just started playing bass this week, but ive played guitar for about a year, so the fretting and playing came easily enough, its just these thick strings its hard for me to play fast on the same string. perfect example of this is the new RHCP song "C'mon Girl" which opens with a simple bass line


yet its hard to play the notes on the same strings close together.

what are some exercises that can help increase my finger picking speed
ive been using two-finger alternating style thus far
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It's going to take some time to build up decent speed with your fingers. Try running over some scales using a metronome and start on a slower bpm and gradually increase speed, but make sure before you speed up you can play the scale perfectly clean. Don't let yourself feel bad if you can't keep up with some of Flea's playing, he is one hell of a bassist!
this is a nooblish question but are bass scales like pentatonic identical to guitars only without the b and e strings?
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That type of playing (fast double played 16ths) is one of my specialities . I think it would be easier if you started out on a simpler song such as Right On Time to work on getting the flow down, then perhaps moving onto I Feel Love. I don't really have any strait foward way to achieve it, just practices your ass off and one day it will just click and the sixteenths will feel effortless. You don't need more than two fingers to play it.

And any scale is the same on any instrument. A scale is a scale is a scale. C major is not different on a guitar then it is on a bass then it is on an accordian. But in the case of fingering, yes, it is the same on a guitar's lowest four strings as it is on a bass.
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yeah i like the song She's only 18, thats got a nice opening bass i can play pretty easily...

now if there was only something i could do about the massive blisters on my thumb middle and index fingers...slap hurts
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