Can that do metal well? I'm looking at some good amps taht are good for metal that are 600 or less. kthanksbye.
My bandmate has one. It does metal okay. Good enough as long as you don't put too much gain.
Ah yea yea. My friend uses his for Death/Black metal. It handles it, but it really shines on cleans. For thrash try a tubescreamer.
^Yeah I thought that went without saying.

A Tubescreamer and a DS1 as a boost would probably work great.
Why not a 40 watt XXX? Don't they run about $600? They would be much better for what you're looking for, I think (even though I personally disdain them).
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Yea I personally dont like them either. I couldnt get any type of clean tone with them, and their distortion doesnt exactly appeal to me. I guess im more of a UK/Marshall amp guy.
My old boss had a XXX 2x12. Everyone talks about how great they sound at low volume. I tried both my PRS's through it, one with the McCartys and one with soapbars, and I couldn't get a good, round sound out of the damn thing. It was so thin, sterile, and lifeless, like the penis on an impotent midget.
Hi, I'm Peter
Classic 30's are cheaper and better. Or if you live in the USA you could easily find a better but used amp on eBay. 5150 combo maybe.
i have a classic 30 and it kicks ass

the clean is gorgeous and the distorion is amazing if thats the flavour ur in to
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thin, sterile, and lifeless, like the penis on an impotent midget.