Hello everyone.
This is a new one, but a rough draft, it came out pretty fast, but I'm still not too sure, seems to eclectic for me in this stage. I may keep it or may change it. What do you guys think? [Crit for crit and all that.]

Portrait of an Insomniac Watching The Wall at 4 AM.
[Where Are You Going to Get Acid That Early?]

When there's no room in this hell
That's when the dead walk the Earth.
How many Horror movies at 3 AM will it take to
Forget about the likes of you?

There's not enough on TV.
I wish I could just close my eyes,
That way I could pretend to be asleep
And dream of something nicer.

Through my lack of medication
And over use of old Lennon .45's
I've become so discerning
And I don't even care.

I don't even care.
That Three AM is the earlist I can hope to close my eyes.
Because while they are open, I see things I never noticed before.
Like the colors of the stars on a star-free afternoon.

I don't even care.
The color of your eyeliner and you mascara do go together quite well,
All my thoughts and all attention really are a good color for you.
But oh well, thoughts are all they'll ever be.

Now I watch Pink Floyd's "The Wall"
And have distant conversations about you, laughing.
Someone appears to be playing along,
With an old guitar in the corner that's too loud for me to touch now.

So the question isn't how many horror movies at
3 AM it's gonna take, the question is
"How many sleepless nights will it take?"
Because I find the one place you can't get me is my dreams.
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I can't sleep. I come down to my computer. I go to UG. I read a song about insomnia. Heh.

Good lyrics though. I'm diggin it. Like you said, it's a rough draft, it could use some tweaking, but I like the concept.