ive had a pretty basic set-up for about 2 months now, Peavey raptor plus guitar, an ancient peavey amp, and behringer distortion pedal. rite now i hate my set-up lol, and im looking to upgrade. i play a sh*t load of mettalica songs, just a few riffs evrynow and then, and i hate the sound im getting. i want that low tone that metallica pumps out. i read that an amp is just as important for distortion as a pedal is, but ive only got 150$ rite now. is there anything i culd grab in the meantime (distortion pedal, amp, acessories, etc.) until i get enugh cash to set up a decent rig?

thanks, rock on
You'll never get the metallica sound without a very good tube-amp IMO, you might get close using the right pedals but I don't have much experience with distortion pedals.
yeh i figured i needed a good amp, do u a decent company that sells good tubeamps? ive got 200$ max to pay lol