I wrote this song... well... you can probably figure it out.
Just keep in mind its a true story, with true events.

Crit for crit, thanx


good morning love,
i know that this is a cliche
but i swear i heard you once say,
that you wanted to be woke up this way

so is it like you said
you'll never work out
i would say we but we both know thats
not how it is


so im just the kid who will always love you
and your the girl who doesnt care much
for the heartsick looks and troubled notions
and all these letters that I wrote you


So I am not your type
and dont try to tell me that i am
I can tell a lie,
from a flatline heartbeat that has no hope to try

So is this for the best?
that that one night stand
I wrote about so many months ago
never gets brought up again


your just the girl
well your just the girl
and im just the boy
then why cant i let you go?

*Spoken/Shouted word bridge*

well just pretend you dont see me here, spilling my heart into the bathroom mirror
waiting for my one chance to come near, killing the time until you lose your fear

that your friends will like you a little less, if your seen with me and some real finesse
this is the last cry for helplesness, if you turn your head its fine, i confess...

a full seven years couldnt stop this feeling, so whats to say that i'll quit bleeding
your the only girl who can stop my breathing, so give me a chance thats all im really needing

that one night at prom couldnt finish this, all i wanted was some time we missed
i never even wanted that goodnight kiss, but when the time is right, you cant stop bliss
well if your just a girl,

then who is this?


well if your just a girl
and im just a boy
then why cant i let you go?...

Then why cant i let you go?