im in a flunk with my pentatonic scales, im trying to get a good groove to this backing track, but im getting repetetive, walking up and down, etc. so, in an attempt to get myself out of this flunk, im asking for anyone to show me a good lick? just anything that sounds good inside the scale? real simple, just enough to get me into another mode of thinking. thanks.
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use sometihng else other than penatonic
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use sometihng else other than penatonic

Pretty much, yeah.
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use sometihng else other than penatonic

I think his problem is more his use of the scale rather than his scale choice.

I have a lesson that regards the way a fusion player like Scott Henderson might use pentatonics.

You are probably noodling up and down the scale, which means your notes are all being played a second or minor third apart. You can begin altering your playing by using fourths and fifths instead.

The main problem with fourths is the difficulty in playing them quickly: they involve playing the same fret on consecutive strings. You will want to barre with your finger, but roll off the frets as you play them in order to keep notes from bleeding together.

Here are two licks using the A minor pentatonic scale. I'm just using the notes, you can decide on the rhythm for yourself.

This first involves fourths, and requires the rolling barre movement I described earlier.


And here is a descending fifths idea.


Hopefully this will keep you busy for a little while, enjoy
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