I ve been playing for bout a year and if i ever muck around playing crappy solo's
or just praticing scales i always use a pentatonic scale
Am I lazy or do some people out there do wat i do?
I do it, but then again im lazy
I really should get round to learning the scales all over the fretboard...
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Some people do what you do, like me, but still it's being lazy...
Three of us here need to start learn the scales from the begining i guess.
thats pretty much what i do but some how my solos have gotten accutally acceptable
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There is an incredible amount you can do with just a simple pentatonic scale.
You probably haven't even scratched the surface.

True, but that would require him not being lazy
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Some people do what you do, like me, but still it's being lazy...
Three of us here need to start learn the scales from the begining i guess.

make tht 4...
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It's better then my unusual tendency to still play sloppy. But yes, that sometimes does happen.
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you can get a lot out of playing lazy in the manner of not knowing scales and that. take the pentatonic. try playing from different notes and make those tthe roots. also try note displacement with pentatonics. u can do alot lot with what little u have. Trust Me!
it works better if you know what fret makes what noise, and when the right time is to stick a semitone or diminished note in instead of what is melodically correct. thats what i do, just stick to the pentatonic scale then stick the occasional diminished note and it sounds excellent
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I rarely go strictly minor pentatonic in a solo anymore after learning the natural minor and harmonic minor, as well as the realtive majors. I do use major pentatonic sometimes though.
You really only need to memorize 7 6-note patterns. Each 6 note pattern of a mode transcends to the next mode when played over all six strings. Essentially you could also learn it in octaves. But this really only applies to the major scale.

I guess when dealing with pentatonics, you can fuse it with the blues scales and add little filler notes in between the patterns to mix it up.