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This might be fun.

For those who have Google Earth, take a screenshot of where you live and post it here!

Don't go really close up or say which is your house. We dont want any rapists or murderers knowing your location, just post your suburb or something.

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this thread
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I hope you're kidding dude. They won't even have a drum section, why would they have a car tyre section?
^^^ looks pretty cool.

There I am in the area between the hill and the beach.

For any Australians that follow cricket, that is bellerive Oval to the left.
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Congratulations,Non!You've earned the Deathscyth76 medal of "Nobody knows what the F*ck your talking about!

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yeah but you are non. nuff said.

My street is in there somewhere, but not in the middle.
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I'm reviving this, because I thought it was a pretty cool idea; so here.

Help me out.

Edit: Check out what I found.

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England is really beautiful. I'd like to visit. But Wilmington trumps all. Fo'sho baby.

Wilmington sucks ass.

Shitty quality
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I think white people are better than black people.
While this statement is kinda racist and straightforward, it does have many FACTS to back it up lolz.

With this information, I shall attack your house and use you as bartering tools with the US government to get 3 Million Dollars to establish the new world superpower to be forever known as...


My neighborhood is shitty.
Alley's around my house are now paved.
Redneck neighbors to be heard screaming and seen smoking pot outside of my house twice a day.
Old folks ask mysterious questions and stare at me when I walk by, they sit outside for 24 hours a day.
ok im downloading it right now.....50%!!!!

54%!!!!!!!!!! ok yeah soon a pic will be up!
i shoot squirrels through your mom's ass. Time for dinner!
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