I want to get a good phaser. I have $300. I want the sound like the one Johns using in "Dani California." Thanks.
MXR Phase 90 EVH. Ask no questions. It is definitely the best phaser that exists. John uses an MXR and i do too. Best sounding phaser out there by far
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John uses a phaser once for a second or 2 in Dani California. Are you sure it's a phaser you want?

And Moog 12-stage Phaser is what John uses. (He uses it in "Throw Away Your Television" choruses)
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Yea I dont want it cause he uses it I want it cause thats the type of sound I want to get out of a phaser. Thanks.
Try a few phasers out in a shop, see what you think of them, make sure you can try out the Moog, but they're pretty expensive, and are you sure you want to spend $300 on a pedal?

Try out an Electro Harmonix Small Stone too.
"Breathe, breathe in the air
Don't be afraid to care"

Fender Strat/Tokai LS80>few pedals>Orange Rocker 30
electro harmonix flanger hoax

does phasing and soooo much more
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whatR_H_C_P said is completely true.

Asides myself he seems to have avast knowledge of john frusciante and hes the only other person i know who knows his stuff that well.

As for Johns Phasers and Flanges it goes following:

Moogoerfooger 12stage phaser and a standard MoogerFooger Phaser.
An MXR Phase 90 (script model)
A Normal MXR Phase 90.

His Moogerfoogers are controlled on his massive control board that he uses for most of his effects becasue he has so many hed need 10 foot long legs to get to the ones at the back of his board.

In Dani California he uses His Massive Filter studio unit to filter each of the 12 phase stages into a seperate track on the recording and then put them onto a seperate track with the phase aswell.. Its then filtered to sound sweeping from one side of the track to the other.

Hope that helps, I get all this info from extensively stufying his guitar playing, adn various articles in magazines and footage from videos.