Okay, I know this has been asked a hundred billion times and I've also refered to allthe FAQS and all.

Should I buy an electric or acoustic guitar?

I'm a beginner(even to music in general) and I don't have a well defined interest in any genre right now. Also I live in India and people tend to rip you off on electric and there's a VERY low selection. So should I survive on an acoustic for now and buy an electric next year when I'm in the States?
to be honest, whether u buy an acoustic or an electric doesnt really matter if u have no style or type of playing. i mean, its not lyk a serious investment unless ur planning to buy an expensive eletric or acoustic, so in a year or 2 you will probably have both anyway. what u suggested abt gettin an electric for the states is spot on. u will no a bit more abt the instrument and be able to pick a guitar to suit your style, which u may, or may not have developed by then. it seems to me like your just asking for people to back up your opinion because u arent confident enough just to choose for yourself!! go acoustic fool!!!
get an acoustic. if you stick with an acoustic then when you move to electric you will be better, and also if you can stick with acoustic for a year then your bound to stick with electric afterwards. worked for me
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I started on a classical acoustic which was probably benefitial in that it has a thick neck, widely spaced frets and thick strings so playing an electric in comparison was much easier and I could stretch and fret much easier than I would have starting off that way. Plus it would be harder to go to an acoustic having started on an electric.

Of course it depends on the type of electric and acoustic, and each to their own. Although I reckon an acoustic is a bit more versitile to begin anyway. No need for an amp or leads.
it seems to me like your just asking for people to back up your opinion because u arent confident enough just to choose for yourself

Yea, that's correct.

Thanks. Acoustic it is!
Yeah. Acoustic is better, technique-wise. I started out on electric and moved to acoustic and it's like I'm learning all over again, as my playing is reeeaaaallllly sloppy on my electric....for india....if you're able to climate control the room in your house, be it AC or fan, then it's fine. Just don't leave it near the door/window during summer....or (duh) out in the rain during rainy season.....no one likes the sound of a warped guitar.

Acoustic is much better to learn on, I wish I did, but not to much acoustic stuff interests me. Metallica, AC/DC, Van halen, all that stuff doesnt really have an acoustic guitar, although in some rock songs they will have an acoustic opening, or acoustic part in there.

But anywayz
With an acoustic guitar you build up strength a lot quicker. Where an electric guitar, most of the sound come from the pickups and the strings vibrating and then amplified, an acoustic gets its sound from the strings vibrating and the sound being got in a hole. Which means how hard you pick and how well your holding your fingers and chords makes more of a difference.

I was actually talking to my music teacher at school who plays the piano, he told me, regardless of what kind of music your into, whether its rock, country, jazz, whatever, learning classical guitar is the way to go. Because if you learn classical guitar first, the rest seems like its all downhill and much more simple.

But i love my electric and its the only guitar I have ever owned
i definetly think electric because i hav found that its a lot easier to play. When staarting to play the acoustic guitar i found i had to push down harder on the fret to get the best sound otherwise it would twang. However, i prefer the acoustic sound and the fact you dont have to buy an amp. The electric will be easier for you and depending on what music you are into there will be so many more tabs you can look up for electric and be able to play on the electric with more ease than acoustic.

For example it is a lot harder to play songs like 'i bet you look good on the dancefloor' on an acoustic because its high up and down on the fret board. i think from 2nd fret to 16th and you dont get the great compatability with the acoustic that you would with an electric

So anyway definitely ELECTRIC it is worth buying a squire package for about £190 or w.e squires sound perfectly fine and im happy with mine afer many years even thoough im an acoustic man .

WARNING-do not go for cheap packages like stagg, cruiser(crafter), pacifica(yamaha) as these guitars (under £250) are basically ****!!! constantly go out of tune and a friend of mine had pacifica for a year and it was struggling to work

If you do go on to buy an acoustic

COLT £90-£200 for a decent guitar top quality make big brand named guitars
Crafter £100-£300 hard to say whether they are as good as COLT but still very nice guitar i have one myself
Depends on what styles you (will) like. I started on acoustic and when I played my electric I was amazed at how much easier it was the fret the notes and bend strings. Acoustic just built up my finger strength, not saying that acoustic is better; each one has their good points for learning.
They have guitars in India???
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^Lol yes they do have guitars in India. And there are also Indian companies making guitars(GB&A, Givson(pirated) and a few others)
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They have guitars in India???

yes, you'd be surprised at the selection of acoustics. I'm not in india atm, but I have an ancient acoustic there. The wood is a bit warped, so i emphasise climate control!