I need help getting a good heavy metal sound.

Right now I'm playing an Austin Strat ripoff through a Music Man 212 "Sixty Five" tube amp. I also own an Ibanez DS7 Distortion pedal and Dimebag's Crybaby From Hell wah pedal.

So far, I've been able to sport some wicked distortion, but something just doesn't sound metal about it. I'm thinking it isn't heavy enough, but I'm not quite sure what it is. I'd like some tips on settings, a new effects pedal, etc.

I'm not looking to buy a new guitar, so please don't suggest that. I don't want the greatest metal tone ever, just something functional that will cause at least a few aneurysms with the senior citizens
try putting some heavy guage strings on your guitar and down tuning.
i dont use effects pedals.. but to get a 'fat' metal sound, try:
Treble - halfway (5)
mid- 6
bass- 5
gain - between 5and8

but really it depends on what bands...

maybe that helps/ maybe it doesnt...
The DS7 won't deliver a true metal tone, more suited to punk, emo or thrash. For a big fat beefy metal sound, try a TS7, or base your sound more around amp distortion and use the DS7 simply to colour the sound slightly.
Does ur Strat© copy have a humbucker at the bridge??

If not id recommend a set of Seymour Duncan© hotrails..they sound awesome!
aaaaaannnnnnddddd, Pinch Harmonic!
Actually, this amp is so old-school, it doesn't even have a gain/overdrive knob =)

I bought the distortion pedal out of necessity, but I've found that it doesn't suit metal.

I'll look into a Tubescreamer, I've heard great things about them.
And no, my Strat copy is SSS configuration. I'm not really keen on modding this one yet, it's obsolete as soon as I get my '74 American Strat fixed =)
If you havn't got any gain on your amp then I doubt a Tubescreamer is what you're really after. I swear by Line 6 Uber Metal if you can be bothered to fiddle you can get some real meaty tones out of it's pulverize setting.
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Get a keeley modded metal zone, or a new amp.

Ive heard people use 2 or 3 tube screamers and it sounded pretty dope.
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Do you crank your amp?

If you do, an OD pedal is what you're after, just to add a bit more gain.
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^Keeley Modded MT-2. As someone already suggested.

There's also the DS-1, Keeley has a mod of this as well.
Mesa/BOOGIE V-Twin is also an option. You need humbuckers. You cannot get a semi-decent metal tone without humbuckers.

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