What's some good acoustic slide stuff? Beginner/Intermediate.

And nobody say Robert Johnson. I'm not that much of a n00b.
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You could try Mean Old World by Clapton and Duane Allman... This should help you get started, but you'll have to pick up most of it from listening to a recording.
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Mississippi Fred McDowell played some great slide, on a solo electric guitar.
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Robert Johnson, you Fucking n00b.

Goddamn red bastard.

Sonny Landreth, well he's not intermediate at all, but meh. I don't relaly know any one acutaly.

You could look at some of Rory Glallaghers accoustic stuff, he did great slidde.
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Ry cooder

Kelly Joe Phelps
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Son house - death letter

or the white stripes version

No slide in "Death Letter." Great song though.
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rory gallagher, as already mentioned, eric clapton does some fairly simple slide stuff, and ofcourse, the mighty derek trucks
are you saying robert johnson stuff is for noobs or that you already know hes good at slide? duane allman, robert johnson, leadbelly's "my friend blind lemon"
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No slide in "Death Letter." Great song though.

The version i saw was all played by the slide