Hey, I saw A7X live a month ago and Synyster Gates played a black Schecter Avenger Custom.
The guitar was black but when the light hitted the guitar it reflected the light and then it looked silver.
I think that's a nice effect and looks great now I wanted to ask, is this paint custom made or is this the standard Schecter Gloss Black colour?
are there any guitars which come stock in metallic paint if not, how could I do this?
is this possible with every colour and simply overpaint it?
Are you sure it wasn't just the light that made it look like that?
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to be honest i would be very supprised if u manage to re-create those paint styls yourself. you really need a proseffional sprey job done and it is completly custom made, but schecter to make custom guitars for the right price so it could be worth looking into.

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You can also get bi or tri colour paints. Black undercoat and then several thick layers of laquer with tiny ammounts of pigment in them. It looks near black until the light catches the pigment then appears green, or purple depending on the pigment colour and the way the light catches it. Very cool, I had my bike sprayed in it a few years back.
I have a friend who runs a car modding company so he did it as a favour this year he's testing his chroming machine on it... I might give him my guitar when it gets a few dents and scratches