How can i make a nice sounding Rock guitar riff that kinda sounds like Nickelback, puddle of Mudd, Creed, 3 Doors Down etc etc. because i've been trying but nothing ever sounds good.
There can't be any good advice. Just keep on trying, trying, trying......! That's the way songs are written and composed.
1000 bad ideas are followed by 1 perfect one....so stay tuned!!
If you want to make a riff like you might hear from those bands, it's quite easy.

Be derivative - be generic! Play around on the fretboard until you find something that sounds simple and trite, and then go ahead with it.
have you read a nice article a couple of weeks back about "stealing" music. check that out if you can find it, it really helped me write similar stuff in "the style" of whoever
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haha i'll sound real stupid now, what does derivative and trite mean? :P
Heh, use the contextual clues
I think he was making fun of those bands I don't like em either.

Basically just use power chords, finger and palm mutes, and heavy, bassy distortion. Oh and if you wanna look real cool and chad kreuger like, play an acoustic at the third verse or something.
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