Hey I asked this in the elctric guitar forum before:

Hey, I saw A7X live a month ago and Synyster Gates played a black Schecter Avenger Custom.
The guitar was black but when the light hitted the guitar it reflected the light and then it looked silver.
I think that's a nice effect and looks great now I wanted to ask, is this paint custom made or is this the standard Schecter Gloss Black colour?

Someone told me that this is metallic colour, so are there guitars which come stock with them or is it possible to overpaint any colour with metallic colour?
Do you have an example of what you mean, as in a picture or video clip? It sounds to me like it's chameloen paint, or flip flop paint. Changes color as the light reflects the paint differently.

It may also be a heavy flaked guitar, with silver flakes and a black basecoat, or vise versa.