I'm planning on getting the Ibanez RG 1570 or 2550... As of now, i think i prefer the 2550 because i like the metallic pickguard, and i find the stock colors of the 1570 pretty boring. is there any way i can find other, more interesting finishes in the 1570, on the internet, or in stores? (prefereably new)
also, how much would it cost and how hard would be be for me to have a custom paint job done on my guitar? is it a good idea? why does hardly anyone do it?
the 1570 only comes in 2 different colours aye? so if your looking at custom job depends on who you go to. and yeh i think its a great idea if you dont like the stock colours.
This differences between the prestige RGs are almost all only cosmetic, the pickups aren't really too good in any of them.

Custom paint jobs are something over $300 depending on what you want (metallic, bursts, etc...) from places that do guitars but I think you might be able to get an autoshop or something like that do it as well for possibly less.