i'm bringing my electric with me on the plane from toronto to california.

what should i do?
like loosen my strings or something?

please reply back asap. thanks
If I was you I'd call the Airline, and make sure you are allowed to take instruments they have funny rules about the, I'm going over to Europe on the 1st of August and I'm flying with the Italians. They have a sucky rule about musical instuments. They have to be under 100cm. Hand baggage compatrment length. My acoustic is 105cm. which sucks cause I'm not alowed to take it. But ill probably take it anyways. Screw their rules. SO I would check with the airline most let you take them, But i would check. Bu8t if you can I probably would loosen them cause youre probably going up to 40,000 ft.
And off course put it in a good flight case and not some sloppy gig bag. But that's just common sense.
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i have a really good extremely padded case already.

all i have to do is loosen all my strings?
and make sure that you're allowed to bring a guitar on air.
yea i just took of my strings before since they were old and crapy...but if yours arent, definitely loosen them and another tip, put fragile stickers on it.., i didnt put fragile stickers on my acoustic and the guy just let it fall to the ground...
Hope that helps
NO you shouldnt take it unless you are willing to pay for a seat next to you to put it

I had a friend who once took their acoustic on a plane and like your will be, it will be put in with everyone elses luggage. Anyway, he had it in a hard case and something from the luggage managed to pierce through the case and fortunately for him went through the hole.

The only other reccommendation i can make you is to buy a travel guitar. i bought one recently the martin travel guitar, it fits in the overhead storage compartmenr. Electric travel guitars are also sold like pignose with built in amp usually 1-2watts. Both of these are around £200

I'm an idiot when it comes to air pressure/laws of physics type things:

Why would the strings need to be loosened?
Really you shouldn't have to loosen them, because the cargo hold is pressurized like the rest of the plane
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also remember air pressure will still push on all sides of the neck, just like on the ground

Somewhere on the net is a really good article on packing guitars. SUPPORT THE HEADSTOCK!!! Fill that case with newspaper, jam it under the headstock. Alot of times headstocks snap off in a fall, even in a case.
what sucks is that... air canada doesn't let you bring a guitar. unless you pay for an extra seat!!

anyways, thanks for the advice.
What you should do is get cello case, write 'Tommy Gun' on it, and put your guitar in that cello case.

It would throw people for a loop. Hell, it's so crazy I don't even know why I suggested it.

Good luck getting it there, my best advice is to pack it very securely.
If you have a relatively nice guitar I wouldn't even risk taking it on the plane. I wouldn't risk putting my SG down below even in a fitted hardshell case, and I sure as hell ain't paying for an extra seat. I've never had any problems bringing an acoustic onto the plane but mine is a really small model acoustic and isn't full size so there weren't any problems with its specs.