Ok well i have been doing ****ty jobs working my ass off so i can buy a project and i have set my eyes on buying either a copy fender or a copy gibson and nearly completly redoing it. Paint job, New Hardware and new placing of things..

Im wondering as a beginner into these sorts of things how i might start by doing the configurations i want to do and painting it also.

If i get a Gibson Copy i wanna put in
Dirty Fingers Pickup
move the lead insert to a fender like position
paint it fully black with cream stripes(like tom delonges signature model)
also i am wondering if it possible to put in permanent delay or flange into the model

If i get fender copy i wanna
mabye chuck a humbuckler on it for a jazzy sound
get a new pickguard
Paint it White/Cream and a red shiny pickguard

Of course also Duh! mabye redo the whole neck with new wood and frets and customize that as well as wires inside. the headstock also
also one more thing how do i find templates for the F holes in gibsons
F-holes are pointless unless you're a hollow or semihollow.

And if you get a hollowbody, chances are, it's already got F holes.
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