wow, i think it looks awesome, just the fact that its a looping COMPACT pedal....wow.
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Sounds cool to me. I have loads of fun with my DD-6 and that only had 5 secs of loop time. 16 minutes is insane.
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That looks pretty damn cool, and same with me^^^ and my DD-6.

16 minutes though? That's probably overkill, but I'm not complaining...
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i mean theres the dd-6 then the dd-20 now this 16 miniutes i think im gonna buy one as soon as its out
yeah i think that guy harmonized that lick too much.
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Looks awesom!!

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Check out the Digitech JamMan - It's the same size and price as the Boss unit, but it gives you 99 loops and something like 6 hours of looping time (with a bigger memory card). The fact that it's expandable makes it a better buy to me.