Ok I'm a newbie and still figuring out what can go where. If it's not allowed, no problem

Just wondering people's opinions on lyrics that don't follow a "pattern." For example Blink 182 Miss You, they don't start with a verse, then chorus, verse, chorus, etc. They do the verses first, then the chorus. Or what do people think of lyrics that don't have repetition in lyrics, such as the chorus stuck in a few times?
its better when there isnt a pattern or a chorus. but not blink 182, those will never be better.

i dont really like the whole thing with verse, chorus, verse2, chorus, bridge, CHORUS x56
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Im ok with a patern. As long as that is not all you do with all your songs. What I usually do is just play a chorus when I feel like putting it there. The most important part of songs are the pre and post thingies.

Verse 1
Verse 2
Post Chorus
Pre Verse (optional. I'd put one if your song is too short)
Verse 3
(here is where it gets really optional. Your choice is what makes you creative... or not)
Solo(Recommended) or Verse(NO) or Chorus(NO) or Bridge(Recommended).

1. if you chose solo, you can play bridge then end with a Chorus or an outro which can be anything at all. It can even be the intro or just plain words. It all depends if you want to end it with energy or slowness. But, for pete sake, don't always choose the same pattern. One of Each would do fine for like everyother song.

2. But if you chose a verse or chorus, you'll end up with a extremely long gay song that people despise and never want to hear again. Again... it is YOUR CHOICE what you can do. BUT REMEMBER!!! FOR THE SAKE OF ALL THE PEOPLE OUT THERE... DON'T CHOOSE THE SAME PATTERN FOR EVERY SINGLE FRICKEN SONG YOU MAKE! IT IS JUST NOW RIGHT! I MEAN... IF YOU WANT TO BE A CRAPPY SONG WRITER... THAT'S FINE WITH ME.

"When there's a freakin' will, there is always a freakin' way!"