I'm not real sure what this is, poem, lyrics, words... whatever really. It just came to me, bit by bit. I'm also not sure what I'm going to make of it, if anything. But here it is to share for the heck of it.

The feeling inside is wretched as my heart turns cold in fear and anger. The spider extends his jaw foreward as he begins to smell and taste the fresh blood in my veins. My eyes roll back deep in my head as I feel the poison rush through into my blackened heart. My mind changes in extrordinare ways which I cannot explain. My time has now come.

Take me there, the skies all black, where the face of death enhances each and every night upon the breaking moon. Colder, weaker, hatred consumes my brain. I now don't give a **** who says what and what they do. Pushing and pulling every which way, piss on it all, give them all hell, scream out with all ya got. How I wish I could, but nothing comes out but silence.
Thanks. I could edit it into a song, but before I do I'd want to figure out what style of song to make it. I doubt it would go ska or punk lol. Not sure if it would fit rock either... and I can't get the best metal sound out of my acoustic so who knows lol. Ideas?
hey, cool words...it could be something creepy like blue october always does, it would sound cool as that style of music...keep it up!
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Hmmm... what do you think about a System type sound?

That'd be cool musically... I'd like to hear it if you did do it like that.... the lyrical content (as of now) isn't much like their stuff, but I think it'd be awesome anyways. I think you have enough ideas from this for a song, but you'd have to rearrange and reword some of it i think... Good luck on whatever you do with this...
Haha I could try metal with an acoustic. I play System on my acoustic and hey it's not too bad. Maybe more of a dark, slow, dreary metal. Maybe more towards Tool or something. But I have no idea how to get the sound out of the acoustic like that lol. I should probably go take more lessons and find out.