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Uhh, then put them in the "other music" forum?

Edit: Dammit deffie, you're a quick bastard lol.
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they're like pop-punk ska-ish i think, they were on Warped Tour and have a cool track called 'Ray'...I think they're okay. Nothing special or totally new, but cool and fun to listen.
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bloody hell, used to be obssessed with these guys in 2002/3 ish/the pop-punk explosion. Had all their albums, they just did everything right for me muscially at that point in time. kinda grown out of them really, still some songs are quite awesome
Definitely Pop-Punk.

And yea, I used to be really into them around the time of the GOOD Tony Hawk Pro Skater/Dave Mirra Pro BMX/any other xtreme sport game they were featured in.
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yea i used to love millencolin. i don't listen to them too often these days but i think they were really good as far as pop-punk kind of stuff goes. they had heaps of good songs like fox, no cigar, penguins and polarbears, material boy, kemp, the ballad, etc. really catchy tunes and clever lyrics

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Nothing special or totally new, but cool and fun to listen.
Well no, but they've been going for a pretty long time. They sort of led the pop-punk charge, where others followed.

Good band. My girlfriend wouldn't listen to it once because she didn't like his voice. I only actually have 'Pennybridge Pioneers', but I have 4 or 5 tracks from their latest downloaded and they sound good too. It's been on my 'To Buy' list for months. Some damn catchy tracks though. One of the best pop-punk bands, I'd say.
The last album is (my opinion) the best, in term of sounds.
The guitarists did a good job on this one. (kingwood)
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Uh...ever heard of this band? A friend of mine was talking about them?

The reason this is not under some other forum is cuz i have no idea what genre they are (I haven;t heard them yet)

I prefer Pennybridge Pioneers to Kingwood. A much better album.
Millencolin are one of the best bands around. "Pennybridge Pioneers" is one of the best punk-rock records ever. Unique vocals, awesome guitar solos, well thought out song structures, subject matter that relates to you - i just figure you cant find that in the majority of other pop-punk-rock stuff these days.

Before you judge I'd say d'load these 5 songs:

No Cigar - if you've got Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 videogame you'll have heard this, an immense anthem from breakthrough "Pennybridge Pionners".

Devil Me - brilliant uplifting lyrics and a great song structure. just a great all-round song.

A-Ten - shows the band can deal with emotional subject matter and still create a classic anthem with an immensely simple-go-effective guitar solo and again, great overall writing.

Moosemans Jukebox - From latest record "Kingwood" this is just the opitomy of anthem with a highly infectious chorus and great rock vibe.

Kemp - Proves the band can present an aggressive edge but not lose the millencolin edge shown in their other music.
"No Cigar" kicks ass, but I haven't heard anything else by them.
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Wow, did someone just call Millencolin "punk rock?!"

Quote: "Pennybridge Pioneers is one of the best punk rock records ever."

Wow, they definitely are NOT "punk rock." They are pop-punk/skate-punk/ska like everyone else said
i reckon pennybridge pioneers is better than kingwood, but home from home is pretty good too. not to say that kinwood duzn't rock...
Rufio is one of the best band I´ve heard in these past years...
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I got into them a while ago, but really after a bit of listening they really just got boring to me. Good enough for a few spins.
I used to listen to them alot like 5 years ago, back when I listened to NoFx, Pennywise, Bouncing Souls, etc. I miss those days, but I just stopped hanging out with those guys when I moved to Victoria. Strange how that happens...
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Right, time to bump.

Was using the Search to see if there were any threads on these guys.

Now I just have to say in response to some ofthe previous posts: Yes they would be considered pop-punk but I hate how people just assume someone is sh*t because they've got the 'pop' prefix attached to their genre.

Personally I still love them, one of the first albums I ever bought was by them and I still love it. And IMO they started out very much skapunk (no pop in sight). Anyone heard the Melancholy Collection? Its a collection of their old B-sides and stuff, IMO much much much better than their later stuff.

Vids aren't great but here a couple of songs off the album I found on youtube
Let me tell you about heartache and the loss of god
Wandering, wandering in hopeless night
Out here in the perimeter there are no stars

Out here we is stoned
I've heard of them but I've never really thought about them when I'm going to get music... I usually end up leaving with something I didn't intend on getting like The Fall of Troy for instance... not Pop Punk/Emo but a damn good band.
Listen to Home From Home, definitely an ass-kicking album


very good stuff, i guess u cud call it pop punk, but it has alot more BALLS than pop punk, especially teh latest album
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they're ok, the older stuff is better, for some reason ray kinda annoys me

and why do you guys think of pop-punk as such a derogatory term there is a ton of great pop-punk bands out there
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millencolin! Amazing!
I love the pennybridge pioneers album. Absolutely amazing. *puts it on now*
as most other people have stated, they're fun to listen to
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