Hello everyone,
Well how do i put this, i play electric guitar, and i would like to own an acoustic just to play when i would like to play somthing away from the Watts and Amps what would be a good acoustic guitar to purchase that would give me great sound but wont cost me an arm and a leg cause really i would only play it on occation but i still want the quality. Any suggestions??
epiphone dr 100 i have this guitar. it was cheap (like 100$) but it sounds like a 3 or 4 hundred dollar guitar.

here check it out:
click here

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what price range? have you thought of a hollow body electric?
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No what is a hollow body electric?? price range would probably have to be 200 or less
I saw that thread but thats a pick and choose. Im looking for suggestions. I have only playing electric for maybe 7 months.
i'm not sure what the difference in "suggestions" and "pick and choose" are. every guitar listed in that thread was suggested. there are TONS of guitars out there in your price range, but those are the BEST ones that the members of this forum have come across. what else do you want to know?