Well I was just wantin to ask someone, about my abdn practices, see if I could get any advice bout what to do really. We're a Bassist (me), not very good guitarist but getting better, not that great drummer but would be better if he had more drums and soon hopefully a quite talented guitarist and singer.

At the practices at the moment we just sort of play the only song we can (Highway to hell without vocals or solo) and like jam a bit, but the guitarist that we play with atm is not good at improvising so its really jsut me and the drummer playing some random stuff, not erally going anywhere. Then we end up just standin around for ages trying to think of something else to play, generally with me going thruogh my music collection and pickin out easy songs or songs i can already play (I've bene playing for least time but have been called the best at all 3 instruments by outside people) but then inevitably, either the drummer cant play it or he doesnt have the right drums or the guitarist jsut cant play it right or both, or all 3.

We've done this loads now and havnt had a practice in weeks now, but soon summer will be coming up and the 2nd guitarist should be coming to play wiht us and sing, but can anyone give me some advice on how to try and solve this loop? And the only reason we dont play our own music is purely cos we all agree we should get some covers sorted before we try originals. Sorry for the big essay
play your own music, it's much more gratifying... also focus on writing for two reasons... First. Anything you write now wont be hurt by your lack of equipment. Second, if you only play covers you'll be known as a cover band, is that really what you want? Finally, dont wait around for another guitarist to come and pratice. I live 5 hours from the rest of my band, and they write and pratice without me, and every few days i get a Powertab score of a new song that i learn and fill in the lead and solo parts. Then i go back for a week or two and play a few shows, then leave. So dont wait, if the guitarist is talented, he should be fine improvising along with your songs
I see what you mean with all of that, but I may be wrong here (even if it is really opinion) but we all figured that fi we played some covers first, we could get better at working together in a band, more cohesively rather than jsut a sloppy mess, as only 2 of us hav played in a band before and it was more like an orchestra really, and playing orginals would eb harder to do than covers for the ones who didnt write the song. Also, I should have streessed, firstly that we wont be playing all covers, we have about 6 songs of lyrics and 2 with music ready to go and the next time we are able to practice the guitarist will be able to join anyway.