I had something similar to this a while ago, but I decided it needed to be brought back, and in a better form.
Anyway, for all of you video game nerds out there who are looking for some sweet video game-related bands (and also like to rock out ), this thread is for you.
I'll be starting off with a pretty decent list off the bat, but this is a recommendation thread, so if you feel something needs to be added, just bring it up! I'll check 'em out and if they get my seal of approval (or if other members want the band up, too), it'll probably get on the list. Basically: to put it up, bring it up.
And they should all follow this basic format:

Band Name + Official Website URL (if there even is one): Maybe a little explaination of their sound. Nothing too opinionated or biased (don't go saying "These guys are the best band in the entire world" or something), but just something to give the other members a basic idea of their sound.
Choice Picks: List 2 or 3 songs that you think are recommended listenings. It'll help any members who may have Limewire or something. Or, if you want, just list an album or two; I guess it doesn't really matter.

There's also now a section for myspace bands. If you have or have found a myspace group that is either a video game cover band or an extremely video game sounding band, just slap up a link. I'd be more than happy to give it a listen and put 'er up on the list.
Okay game nerds, here's the "official" list:

The Minibosses: Probably one of the most famous of all the Nintendo bands, these guys do a great job at sounding Nintendo and metal at the same time. They're basically a really, really good garage band that just happens to do Nintendo covers.
Choice Picks: Legend of Zelda Opening Theme or Castlevania II Night Theme

The Advantage: What I like so much about these guys is that though they have the same Nintendo/metal edge that the Minibosses have, they also have a good touch of indie in 'em. They have a cool chemistry, and an even cooler repertoire of Nintendo covers.
Choice Picks: Marble Madness Theme or Megaman 2 Dr. Wily Theme

NESkimos: Another well-known Nintendo band, and for a good reason. These guys really do a great job at sounding like metal, and completely rock out to their stuff. Possibly one of the most "fun" Nintendo cover bands, to say the least. Their arrangements to me are just brilliant.
Choice Picks: Ninja Gaiden Theme or Zelda Dungeon Theme

Totally Radd!!: Well, okay, so these guys aren't truly a Nintendo cover band, but their songs are so Nintendo-esque that I'd feel terrible leaving them out. Using a strange array of Atari-ish sound effects and blistering synth riffs, it's hard to disregard the fact that Totally Radd!! is about as Nintendo as they come without actually being Nintendo.
Choice Picks: The Bobby Song or The Greatest Battle on Earth

8 Bit Weapon: A bit hard to get your hands on, but once you do it's all good. What I love so much about these guys is that they incorporate a lot of arcade stuff into their music as well. If anyone here has heard Manplanet, that's who these guys are kinda like, only with much stronger video game influences.
Choice Picks: Arcade and Gameboy Rocker

Horse the Band: I haven't heard too much of these guys, but they're extremely underground and, like Totally Radd!!, aren't really "Nintendo". But they incorporate so much Nintendo into their music that they're hard to pass up. A bit "hardcore", I guess, but nonetheless a fun listen.
Choice Picks: Cutsman or Lord Gold Throneroom

DragonForce: I checked these guys out, and I have to say, they have an interesting style. Though they're not a Nintendo cover band, it's no doubt that they're a Nintendo-like band. Though they incorporate a good amount of power metal into their music (also a plus!), they deserve to make the list, in my opinion.
Choice Picks: Sonic Firestorm (album)

The Black Mages: Are you a Final Fantasy fan? Then these guys are for you. The Black Mages cover... well... various Final Fantasy boss stage themes. I guess your interest in them would be increased if you're a fan of the series. Still, great music and great covers; definitely worth a listen.
Choice Picks: The Black Mages (album)

The Protomen: Oh hell yeah! I know this is stupidly biased, considering that I'm a HUGE Megaman fan, but seriously, these guys are great. They're a Megaman concept band, meaning that they don't cover Megaman songs, but rather make songs about Megaman. I, my friends, peed myself the first time I discovered these guys.
Choice Picks: The Protomen (album)

Juzcook: If that's what he wants his "band" to be named--juzcook is actually a really awesome member of this wonderful forum. A few months ago, he started making Nintendo covers that ultimately sparked all of my interest in Nintendo bands. So to him I include what I consider the greatest thread on UG on this list. Give him a listen; he absolutely rocks.
Choice Picks: Smash Bros -- Kirby's Stage, Dr. Mario -- Fever, or F-Zero -- Big Blue

MetroidMetal: I don't know if that's the official "band" name, but MetroidMetal.com is basically a site about a guy doing just as the site's title suggests: covering Metroid songs. So it's another one of those cases where if you're a fan (which I most definitely am), you're gonna love it.
Choice Picks: The Theme or Brinstar

Estradasphere: Naming a signature style of these guys is way too hard... their rocking roots mixed with their excellent use of the violins, cellos, etc. give them a lot of diversity. You can't really be sure what to expect out of these guys until you've heard them. You can, however, expect them to be awesome.
Choice Picks: Hardball or Super Buck 2 (a Frank Sinatra-style Mario 2 cover)

Myspace Bands
aka Colon Open Bracket: Combining uncannily-replicated old-school Atari-like sound effects and melodies with unmistakibly emo/screamo elements, proves to have an incredibly unique sound that you can't say you don't like before you listen to it, because it's unlike anything you've ever heard.
Stage 3-1: Covering all the classic stuff. Mario and Zelda crop up quite a bit in these guys' repertoire. For a classic NES gamer like myself, these covers are just golden.

Keep the recommendations coming! Let's hope this thread helps a lot of people out in their search for nerd sanctuary!
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Awesome sounding stuff, man. I'll add it.
In fact, I think I'll make a separate section specifically for myspace bands... just to help people distinguish between band bands and myspace groups.
Sweet keyboard riffs, though. Video game-ish to the tenth degree.
You are aware that black text is pretty much invisible to people who use the Black style, right?

Good list though, i'll check some of these guys out.

Estradashpere do some 8-bit era video game songs, but only original compositions as far as i'm aware. It's interesting, although it's not the best they do imho... i prefer their klezmer-jazz pieces. Still, it's worth a listen.

And the Japanese weirdo/vocalist Dokaka does a great vocal version of the Contra theme, among other video game themes i can't remember right now. It all used to be on his site as free downloads, but his site has been down for a while.
Quote by LKW
You are aware that black text is pretty much invisible to people who use the Black style, right?

Whoops, I guess that never occurred to me. I was going for the classic Nintendo color scheme.
If I change the black text to a darker gray, then it should be visible on both the black style and the classic one (which I use, so I didnt' notice it). Thanks for bringing that up.
And I'll check out the band you posted, too... right after I change all the black text.
OK cool. Keep in mind that video game music is only like 10% of their discography though.
Try these tunes:

Crag Lake
Trampoline Klan
Green Hill

Personally, i think those tracks aren't nearly as good as, say, The Bounty Hunter, or Dubway. But i'll shut up before this turns into a thread hijack
^Sure, I might list those. "Hardball" off of their Myspace page is fricken insane, though, so I'm definitely listing that.
Thanks for the recommendation.
im not sure of the name of the band, ill find it soon. Its pretty much 8-string death metal guitar shredders covering star wars songs. Brilliant stuff.
Youtube covers

chiptunes ftw!!!

i love 8 bit weapon and . but yeah, here's some good sites:

>>> http://8bitpeoples.com/
check out bit shifter and nullsleep in particular but all the artists on that site are worth listening to.

>>> http://www.micromusic.net/
dispyz, drx, stu, tobiah, nichr0n, and heaps more, just check out the up/downloadz page and grab a bit of everything.

>>> http://www.mcld.co.uk/flatfour/chiptunes/
more artists, songs and links.

from daylight...
...into darkness
Quote by Night_Lights
im not sure of the name of the band, ill find it soon. Its pretty much 8-string death metal guitar shredders covering star wars songs. Brilliant stuff.

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I'm very surprised no one mentioned Crow's Claw. Easily the best band I've heard by far next to Powerglove:

Crow's Claw
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