which do you guys think r better buyin a multi-effects unit or buying individual pedals and makin your own pedalboard.

keep in mind individual pedals are anywhere from 50$ to 150$ and you get a good effects unit for 300$ to 800$

just a question
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multi effects dont sound anywhere near as good as the real deal, but its up to you.
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i dont rely to much on my effects, so i bought a cheap multi-effects unit and it works fine. Depends on how much you rely on effects i guess.
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I think you should buy a multi cuz youll save monie that way

Would you rather spend the money for tone, or take the cheap way out and not get the tone?
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think of it this way. you can either get a bunch of half assed effects that you cant control as much as you want to and sound very digital. or you can get a couple effects that sound good and let you control all the parameters to your liking. i dont see it as a tough choice, but then again some people like the variety they get with multieffects.
multi effects suck...no tone, all digitized, very little to customize
its all too simulated.....
besides, pedals made of hard metal are better to rely on and pedal boards look sweet!
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Single effects all the way, baby.
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yeah i agree with pretty much everyone here. i dont like multi-effects. im all about the single pedals