Dear All,

I am planing to buy a fender strat and i need help in choosing one which gives best possible sound with little or no humming and gives a little diversity in music for this reason i searched a few sites can someone giude me....

I have a range of at most $500
the link was to a list of guitars.

go with daddytwofoot's guitar. definetely good for a starter.
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sorry i have edited the link if i am spending 400 dollars and i can get a better guitar for a 100 more i can buy that as well.
definetely looks good. go try it out at a guitar store to make sure it matches your tone.
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one problem i am in Pakistan and i have to order from USA so i dont have it available thats why i need your help more than anything
do yourself a favor and post this in the electric guitar forum..im sure you'll get more responses

sorry i dont really know much about fenders. . . .