This songs basically expressing my anger for the media who can't seem to shut up.lol
It's not slow but not fast. more of a moderate driving song. PLease crit.


Preaching lies that have not been told
All for money and articles sold
Have we gone so far to fall into deceit
Betray ourselves with our activities
Falling onto a path of hate and despair
Yet in this place no one seems to care

Chorus: In this way we will fall
Forever on our knees to crawl
We don't need this can't you see
Your not a friend, but our enemy
Ah, in this way we'll fall
Forever on our knees to crawl

Verse 2: Seeking fast from sea to sea
this is America's cotastrophy
Have we gone this far to fall flat
to settle down and lay on out back
How can we fall so far
Fall to earth from the stars


Solo ( Nothing special simple, Go's with the melody)


That's it!
Some of the rhymes are quite simple, but I like it because it gets the message across very well.. I think, and this is just my opinion, that perhaps you should write another verse, because something is missing but I can't really place it. Good Job.
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ANY song that's trashing the media is just plain dumb... unless you're like. eminem. but that's a really rare case... you'll never get famous trashing the media, they make you, they mold you and crush you and then by crushing you, make u rich...
^ I'm pretty sure people can write about what they want to write about.. sure, for some people it might apply as hipocritical, but how do you know dak wants to be famous? He could have just written this song out of emotion and because of alot of the terrible things that go on in the media. And even if he wanted to get famous, writing an anti-media song is one of the best things one could do, because all the vapid, idiotic, rebellious little kids would buy it...

oh, and why would everyone EXCEPT eminem be dumb for trashing the media?
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In conclusion, I'm gay.

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to max.duncan, He can write about whatever he believes in and if he believes that the media is corrupting people than he can write about it all he wants.
dakmac: I don\'t write really so my opinion is not the best, but I like it. The message is clear. As already stated, the ryhmes are simple, but they work out well.

Ps. thanks for critting my work, and this probably sounds cool with music put to it.
i like it, gets the message across easily, as a song id say it needs another verse in somwhere, and it would be pretty awesome. my main criticism would be that if youre taking it out on the media, if you make it as a song, i wouldnt expect very many good reviews lol :P
Thanks a lot guy for the post I have one thing to say "Dirty Laundry"- Don Henley.
So..."Dirty Laundry" that's the where got some ideas from. On another note, Don Henley ROCKS! Like his "The Boys of Summer" and "All She Wants To Do Is Dance." Also stuff he did with the Eagles.
lol. It's funny when people say something bad about someone's lyrix they just gang up on ya.
I didn't even read the whole thing. i love da eagles too...

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Stick it to the muckrakers!

I like the chorus a lot, I can see the "In this way we'll fall / forever on our knees to crawl" part being a really aggressive thing that kinda sticks in your head.

Good song.
I like it.

You probably wont count my opinion though. My favorit song you or me ever wrote was the original Don't Give Up(Little Girl), not the crappy one that sounds like Oh! Gravity by Switchfoot.
If life were a tree, it would be a willow, weeping, sorrowful, with its branches stewn all over, and frail.

If death were a tree, it would be an oak, twisted, powerful, sturdy, and something you know would be there a long time.