Ok, My birthday is in 2 months and I'm 99.9% sure I'm gonna get another piece of equipment (or just about enough money to get it) considering I get one for every kind of gift-giving occasion. I already have a 120 watt amp that I recently bought so the next thing is to buy a semi-professional grade guitar.
My dilemma:
I cant seem to find a good guitar in the $400-$600 range. They all have some good things and some bad things
So, here's the deal
The guitar must have a 2 humbucker setup (if it needs a pup change, i only use the bridge pup)
and I play metal
so any help is appreciated
Sorry for the long post
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PRS Tremonti SE, I've got one and its a great guitar for the money.
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Schecter is your friend. They're great for the price, and right in your range.

Try the C-1 Elite
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you want a semi-proffessional guitar for under 500 dollars. you're gonna be hard-pressed to find that. however. i can second the suggestion of schecter guitars. quality guitars, for reasonable prices. a lot of musicians use them. check them out. whatever model you like on there take a look on their site. http://www.schecterguitars.com/index.asp.
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Epiphone Explorer like already posted would be a good choice, I hear that they're pretty decent guitars. If you wanted to bump your budget up a little bit, you could afford an LTD ____-400. The 400 series are great guitars, I have a Viper-400 and love it to death. And it might save you a little over others, since you won't need a pickup change for metal.