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Tempest Custom
4 14%
C-1 Plus
25 86%
Voters: 29.
Schecter Tempest Custom:

Schecter C-1 Plus:

I listen and play to a wide range of music, meaning i'd like to have a versatile guitar, but also i would like a guitar that can produce really hot/crazy harmonics (those two qualities may off set each other though.) Also I'd like a guitar that can handle drop tunings well.

Some bands I like to play: As I lay Dying, Charlie Parker (yes), Between the Buried and Me, Darkest Hour, At the Gates, Black Dahlia Murder, The Number 12 Looks Like You, Mozart (yes really), and a little bit of Maiden.

And I'll be playing this through a Randall RG200G2
I would get the tempest if it wasn't for that ugly ass body.

THe c-1 plus has an easy neck, very smooth to play. The duncan designs are mediocre, but those can always be changed.
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C1 Plus in my opinion.

I've got a C1 Elite and I love it

Not as much as I'll love the Jackson DKMG I'm getting this week but

If I were you I'd go for the C1 Hellraiser. It's got active pickups, it does.
Going to buy the C1 Hellraiser but have a question: Can i play other styles than Metal/roc wit them, and how often do i need to change the battery?
I have a C-1 Hellraiser. It sounds great!!! You'll have to replace the battery about every 4 months.
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The C-1 by far
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Much more versatile and easier to play.
24 frets.
It serves me really well, I just recently started changing pickups. Because I needed a different sound, but besides that. Its perfect in every way possible.
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ive got a C-1 Plus and its pretty kick ass. plays great, necks actually thinner then my ibanez, but it is a SZ so . great tone and coil tap makes it very versitial. pups do need to be changed but theyre standable.
i have a c1 elite and its great.
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the C1.

more frets. more attractive.
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