hi there . This is a black metal piano and string instrumental interlude, possibly an intro to another song . Please take a look at it and tell me what you think please. I would appreciate it.
Solitude is the name and you can find it
Here: http://hellpatrol.dmusic.com.

PS : And dont forget to post your work in order for me to take a look at it, Weather it is crit for crit or smth else.

Thank you
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Quote by gallagher2006
wot effect did u use for the
" awwwwws" on the 2nd verse bit, id like to know how to make that ll.

I use guitar pro to make the strings and orchestral instruments. But the sound depends on the sound card. you need to have a sound card that costs at least $130 in order to make that kind of sound in midi orchestral intruments. but you can do it with any card you have . the results vary.
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Well a very good compostion I might add, even tho you have a good soundcard it stills seems midish but hey it really easy for me tell since I play violin. Also I listened to Hell Patrol and enjoyed it.

Sweet. Definitely a very promising interlude - I'd definitely sit and wait around for the song to follow. Only one thing though - the song that this leads to better be a hella dark

Check it out. it's ready...ALL you dudes that liked this interlude and wanted to hear a complete verison , you can find it HERE : https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=396962
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You remind me of a younger me. The midi sounded great for being Midi, I would suggest dumping guitar pro though. Go get your self a program called reason 3.0 and start truely creating It can be free if you know where to look. For Midi though, Very good. Its so weird, it totally reminds me of my old days screwing around with Cubase and a Edirol VSTi synth.

ohhh i love this, reminds me of early cradle of something, i would expect some type of blast beat fast thing after this :-D very nicely written

cfc? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=6232311#post6232311

edit- listened to some of your other stuff, and i love your work

edit again- i just realized u had the full version up, and that is exactly wat i expected :-D no blast beat, but oh well, nice thrashy part. you should get someone to scream on this, right when it kicks in a nice huge growl would fit perfectly. i wish the song had faster tempo thrash, but oh well :-[ nice writing.
dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors

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Oh my God.

Let me just say that I listened to the complete version.

The whole way through the piano part I was thinking it would be so cool if he just busted out into some cool metal rhythm all of a sudden. As I started typing it what do you know?

I got punched in the face with a ton of bricks.

The way you go into the guitar part is SOOOOO cool.

Awesome job on that.

All the riffs you came up with are 100% kickass.

It does get a little repetitive though near the end, but the segue back into the orchestra is awesome too.

This is going right on my "Music For Speeding" playlist on my iPod.

Awesome job.

Crit mine please?

Quote by uuuuhhhhhhhh
Y Go get your self a program called reason 3.0 and start truely creating It can be free if you know where to look.

THanks so much for telling me about this program.
Anyway , i will go crit all those songs for you dudes , dont forget to open the complete version solitude url and crit there , i would like for everyone to see it.
Thank you
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Sounds a wee bit too close to the start of "Halloween" (the movie) at the start. Whhoo loving when it picks up. NIIIIICCCEEEE. Damn cant stop my head from banging!!!! the lone guitar sounds a little shallow(tone?) Awesome playing, really tight. Evoking angry emotions and i dont know why? lol. This is a rollercoaster i can stay on all day. Nice outro. Awesome stuff, I really like your music. The only thing is (and possibly it is my computer) is there is'nt enough....I dont know how to say this..........bite?.......or bass?....or rawness.......something i cant put my finger on.(Again its prob my stupid computer) Musically it is top notch. I really enjoyed it.

Now we are worlds away in the genres here, but if you could crit my new one https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=398222
thanks and keep on ROCKIN
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There ain't a bass recorded in this song. I only use bass guitar when i record at a studio , but when i record on my pc I just dont give a **** !
I'll go crit your song .
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