I've read in a few places that some bands create mics where they can sing into pickups, does anyone know how to do this?
if you sing really loud into pickups, me and my buds tried this, and it worked.
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Apparently I'm on some list of people to listen to..?
Do a search. This topic has been explored in great detail twice now. What is it with everyone asking this question in the last 2 weeks?
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I've tried this, It defo works, but Its pretty pointless.... A mic is like 100 times better.

Suppose its a cool effect but
It's not that amazing seeing that its just vibrations off of your voice hitting the strings creating a sound.

Oh well for real fun try farting in your pickups..it works.
Somewhere in the Steve Vai - Live at the Astoria DVD you can see Steve and Billy Sheehan talk to each other for a bit by shouting into their pickups
Claudio does it on Devil In Jersy City, on the Live at the starland Ballroom DVD. It works best if you have Very High output pickups. Like high output EMG's. I think it's awesome.
Haha, I remember I used to put my headphones next to my pickups so I could listen to music over my amp when I went to sleep.

Of course I was completely stoned when I did that.
i dont know about singing into pick ups, but i do know that if you take ear phones like from a cdplayer or an ipod then if you put them up to the pickups you can hear it out of the amp

lol i said the same thing as the guy above me i jsut didnt read his