I was thinking of buying a Fender Sonoran SCE Acoustic-Electric or a Ovation Celebrity CC24 Acoustic-Electric, which one should I go with and why should I go with that one?
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I don't always want to be plugged in though
Desperate Times, Desperate Measures.
based solely on the information i looked up on mf, i'd probably go with the fender myself. normally i would probably reccomend an ovation over a fender, but with these specific models, i like the fender. i've never played that fender though so my opinion is pretty worthless honestly.
The Celebrity Ovation you mentioned above is decent. But Ive never liked fender guitars. Maybe spend a lil more on an ovation? The ovation tangent t57 is a good choice (i like the tone of this one more then the upper models).
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At the moment I'm saving up to buy the Fender myself, because I personally really liked the sound of it as well as the feel of it and it suited my voice. I don't know about the Ovation, they are supposed to be fairly decent but nothing seems to make them stand out above the Fender, although I havn't played the Ovation so I really wouldn't know anyway.
But a lot of it just depends on gut feeling... we can give you advice but in the end you need to buy the guitar that YOU really like.