Poll: Which Knob Type?
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Speed Knobs
5 33%
Bell/Tophat Knobs
3 20%
Strat Style Knobs
1 7%
Dome Knobs
3 20%
Concentric Knobs
1 7%
Deluxe/Witch Hat Konbs
0 0%
Chicken Head Knobs
1 7%
Misc. Shapes/Other Konbs
1 7%
Voters: 15.
What type of knob do you guys like better for your tone and volume controls? lol
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My two strat style guitars, Surprisingly have strat knobs.
My shcectors got speed knobs, I like then better.
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I need some chrome knobs for my guitar so they match the diamond plate pickgaurd.
chickenhead knobs are the best
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