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Check out MTV's Unplugged series on CD. They've got bands like Kiss, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Neil Young, Lenny Kravitz...and they do their hits on acoustics (or acoustic electrics). A lot of the songs have different orchestrations, but they're pretty cool. I think you can find music books for the series as well.
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Paul Weller (Wild Wood, That's Entertainment), David Gray (Babylon, Sail Away), Del Amitri (Dirving With The Brakes On, Nothing Ever Happens)... there are plenty of artists out there who use acoustic guitar in their rock ballads.
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Ben Harper - Please Me Like You Want To (It isn't dirty-- get your mind outta the gutter )

House Of The Rising Sun sounds really cool on an acoustic, imo.
Listen to the music by The doobie brothers is awesome as well.
let's not forget about Yesterday by The Beatles
Also, Hotel California by The Eagles is awesome on an acoustic as well.
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mellissa the rythem part
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Try the above and The General by Dispatch.
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Beatle> My dad knows that! I bet I could get him to show me. It's a great song =D I've been playing Last Kiss for years. It was the first song I ever learned and I love it =D Same with Green Day Good Riddance.

Spaminator> Never heard of it?

Skateguitar> That could so work. Thanks!
About a Girl by Nirvana is really good on acoustic guitar. It's actually better than the alternative, IMO.